Why Macbook Air is an Impractical Laptop

The Apple Macbook Air turns heads. It is amazingly thin and amazingly sleek-looking. But is it amazingly practical as an ultraportable laptop? It won me over and had me using it over my iMac for more than a month now. But here are the reasons why I think the Macbook Air is impractical for many.


Battery Life Sucks

The battery life is the Achille's Heel of the Macbook Air. It is nowhere near the advertised 5 hours for the usage of 99% of us. I'm getting an average of 3.5 hours with Wi-Fi on and a dimmed down display. That is still more than your average laptop. But it's not the ultimate mobile blogging machine I thought it could be, as I need more than just 3.5 hours when I'm out blogging.

Non-swappable Battery

Furthering on point 1's problem is the non-swappable battery. So to get more juice outdoors, the AC adapter is required. Alternatively, you could fork out another couple of hundreds for an external power source. [QuickerTek] [Battery Geek] That makes the Macbook Air even more expensive than it already is.

Oh Lonely USB Port

You get only one USB port. Plug in a HSDPA USB modem and you can't attach a USB mouse. Attach a USB mouse and you can't connect your USB harddisk. You get the idea. This is going to be very frustrating for most users.

No Optical Drive

You may be like me, someone who don't use your laptop's DVD drive very often at all. But it will definitely come a day when a friend wants to hand you some files on a disc, and you look at him embarrassingly and say you don't have an optical drive. You could buy the external optical drive, but that means more weight, defeating the purpose of the Macbook Air. Or you could use Remote Disc, but I suspect you might bump into networking and firewall issues at times.

No Ethernet Port

So far, the Wi-Fi has been serving me fine. But if you go to a place where there is no W-Fi and only Ethernet, you are screwed. But of course, you could get yourself a USB ethernet port, which takes up your only USB port. And if you have do not get this accessory, forget about Remote Disc since you can't get hooked to a network.

Pay More, Get Less

You get less of everything. No optical drive, no Ethernet port, no Firewire ports, one USB port, lesser processor speed than all other current Macbooks, slow 4,200RPM hard drive, and mono speakers. Perhaps thinness and weight are the only two things that they give you less and are actually good.
In conclusion, using a Macbook Air is akin to driving a Coupé. You get less for what you pay for. But it's the experience that can't be found in any other products, which draws a unique crowd to the Macbook Air.

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    First, more than 3 hours of battery life rulez. Normal laptop only last for more than 3 hours for the first freaking 2 months. After that, they spiral down in correlation to the price of the laptop.

    Second, built-in laptop is a confident signature that tell you how Apple is proud of their rechargeable battery that do not need to be remove. And of cos to prevent you from losing your work after someone trip over your wire.

    Third, why do you need a dvd drive when you have Quick Player to play almost everything you can find on the internet? Unless you are betting on the pirated dvd that cost less than 10% of what you need to pay originally…

    Forth, one USB port is enough to slot in one thumbdrive. Unless you are still in the world of many 1GB thumb drive as opposed to 4GB.

    Fifth, you must be leaving in the world of old technology. Wireless is cheaper now, DUDE.

    Sixth, if you realised, i have been typing lesser and lesser following each labeled listings. That’s because your argument is only concentrating on that freaking 1 USB port. I bet you are not a designers. Why drive a Mercede when you leave in the HDB?

    Says macbookjunkie on

    macbookjunkie is…a junkie.


    If you could write English, I might pay attention to what you say. The fact that the global asshole Rob Enderle links to this article is all the evidence any sentient person needs to realise that your opinions, like Enderle’s, are pure crap.


    Well let’s go find any other netbook that kicks as much ass as the little device and that even comes close to it’s coolness. Hmmmm well get back to me if and when u find one.

    Says Dave white on

    And what about their weak graphic cards. MacBook Air sucks so bad at gaming. I am better off with a big, bulky but powerful Sager rather than a MacBook Air. My brother bought one MacBook Air 11 with dual core i7 processor, 8GB ram and 512GB ssd for $1649 and I got a full fledged Sager gaming laptop with quad core i7 processor, 6GB Nvidia GTX 970M, 16GB ram and 120GB Samsung evo SSD and 1TB 7200 RPM SATA3 HDD with at same price. And the best part unlike the lame ass MacBook Air which is devoid of any optical drive my Sager has a 6x Blu-ray Burner and 8x DVD,CD Burner combo drive and besides that it also has a Bigfoot Killer Wireless card which is much better than the wireless card Apple puts in their shitty MacBooks. And the best part it comes in nice black color instead of faggy shiny silver color like the MacBook Air.


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