Why BlackBerry Storm Sucks

Think RIM’s latest phone can kick up a storm? Think again. A quick search on the internet revealed several shortcomings and unhappy customers.


No WiFi

Some might argue that with Verizon's data network, you won't need WiFi. But however tight Verizon's coverage is, there are still spots where network is slow and there is this WiFi hotspot available but yet you can't use it. Definitely a disadvantage.

Slower than Bold

The user interface on the Storm is a wee bit slower than its predecessor, BlackBerry Bold. By no means a dealbreaker, but if you come from Bold, it's a downgrade.

The Touchscreen QWERTY is Crap

Real QWERTY keys with tactile feedback are still the king when it comes to input speed. Storm is expected to be slow in this department, but they could at least include an intelligent predictive software much like iPhone's, which makes touchscreen QWERTY way easier to type. As Engadget wrote:

"Rather than the click making things easier, it actually makes them more difficult. As you press down to engage a "key," you're required to release before moving to another, which means that you can only type so quickly. In our tests, we were constantly frustrated by the staggering, laggy movement when trying to type with any speed. You have to let the click depress before you can strike another character, and that makes for a stuttery input process. Additionally, hovering over characters is represented by a blue glow, which looks nice when moving around, but in practice doesn't do a very good job of letting you know what key you're touching. We had spelling errors aplenty."

Browser Behind Safari

It is an unspoken fact that the Storm competes directly with iPhone. And when it comes to websurfing, Storm's browser is definitely still behind iPhone's Safari. Although the good news is that it's way better than Bold's pretty-much-unusable browser.

And Many Other Random Problems...

Constant lock-ups, screen flip slow to respond, video lock-up if you try to stop a video mid-play, Motorola bluetooth sync issues, random audio loss on phone calls, randomly colored pixels on half the screen when activating the camera, phone randomly reboots, are but some of the complaints from existing users. Definitely fixable via a software update, but the big question is when?
If you like BlackBerry or the "clickable" touchscreen, the Storm is a worthy upgrade from its predecessors. Otherwise, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

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    bold is better i think


    I had a storm. My god does it suck. It’s not a touch screen. It’s a click screen. Anyone who likes it has never tried an I phone. No one and I mean absolutely no one can say it’s even comparable to the I phone.


    STORM user for about a year. It just deleted contacts! Left me with three contacts. It is such a piece of crap. My company forced it on me. DO NOT BUY IT.
    Crap, crap crap, have to pull battery once every few days to keep it running.

    Oh, by the way, first STORM locked up in 3 days. This is the “improved” version???????????



    As I was balling my eyes out of frustration caused by the Storm, I googled “blackberry storm sucks” and up came a long list of links. This article hits the nail on the head, this phone is a piece of SH!T.

    Says lexyladybug on

    I agree with the last statement…. This phone is a piece of shit. The absolute worst ever I’ve ever owned. Our purchasing guy thought was he was cool by purchasing these, what a mistake.

    I’ve been into Verizon four times to have the phone replaced or serviced. Everytime I was there I stood in line with another Storm owner complaining of the same problems. Every time Verizon reps with a straight face would lie through their teeth claiming the Storm was their flagship phone and had rave reviews.

    My only hope that anyone looking to get a Storm or Storm 2 looks at these comments before falling into Verizon’s shit trap. If you need to have a Blackberry don’t buy the Storm.


    the blackberry sucks i have had mine replaced 7 times in the last 60 days 3 of the would not turn on one locked up one melted one got stuck on ring and would not turn off one the screan turned red on 2 of the trips to verizon the new phone thay got would not work out of the box and bot times the same guy told me that is the first time that happend i had so many problems i started using my 5 year old razer!


    I also Googled “blackberry storm sucks” and was surprised to many many web sites with this text. This thing was the biggest waste of money. My wife and I bought this in hopes of having contact with our schools, work e-mails and internet. HUGE JOKE!! Internet is so slow I could walk to the place I was looking up and ask the question my self, dropped calls, camera activates on it’s own, constant lock ups, 1/2 screen displays, lost contacts, disorganized and not even close to a touch screen. Rip Off don’t by one. We have been with Verizon for 6 to 7 years and want to get out.


    I have had 2 Storm Handsets. This phone really does suck. It locks up. Its slow, the keyboard sucks…. To top it off, Roxio Media Manager kept trying to install. I spent a half day with tech support RIM and they still didn’t fix it. The next day I got to a tech support person at Blackberry that knew what they were doing… problem finally fixed…..

    I am planning on switching to the Motorola Droid ASAP!

    We need to unite and get the word out there that this is an inferior piece of equipment. I have wasted so much time because of the storm….


    hello! i neeeded to search a site where i can figure out why the blackberry storm is like this. so i put those words “SUCK” and i ended up here. but anyways the phone really sucks is there any way that the phone could be faster. ok well my point is that it really sucks. i guess thats the end of it. i thought i was the only one experiencing it. but oh well. luckily other people agree…..

    Says girl FROM GUAM on

    Proud owner of the Storm 2! I am a heavy user of the blackberry for years and very very happy about the Storm 2. Swapping over to the screen from the keyboard takes time and each day I get faster. Was with the Bold exact the same, after a few days it felt naturally. There are many reports that the storm sucks, but that also counts for the shit phone of Motorola or the iPhone.

    Of course there are bad reports of the Storm 2… but you can also find them for the iPhone, Nokia, HTC or the Motorola… even the new iPad is already called on the internet the ‘iTampon’ and lot of users speak very negative about it… how they can know it is bad when it is even not on the market!!!!

    If someone is interested to buy the Storm or an another phone, don’t follow the internet always. Some iPhone users bashing on anything what has the name Blackberry. They even don’t own the phone and talk shit about it! Contact a happy user of the phone and try it out by yourself… then you will hear stories from both sides.. and that counts for each phone.

    Run my own business and here 8 very satisfied Storm 2 users. When we got this new phone, I let my employees play with the phone for one day and they all decided to have the Storm 2….


    The storm sucks in every way. Browser low and can’t load simple pages. Contact are even worse since last update. BB support are some of the most incompetent peaple.

    I can’t believe I’m stuck with this shit for 6 more months. It should be a crime to sell us such junk. Can’t even get my money back to upgrade. We need laws to protect us from these phone companies and manufactures.

    Don’t ever say a BB is like a iPhone no comparison BB sucks in every way.

    Says d. Morgan on

    I purchased mine through ebay .. I unlocked it thinking i had a prize .. This phone totally sucks .. The phone just drops calls . Try to charge it. it sits on the charger for about 3 days. I swapped out with my daughter figuring it was me . That i wasn’t tech savy .. Within the hour she returned it back to me and said get your money back mom …. Your Phone Sucks … But i bought it from ebay and time has expired , so now i gotta eat this phone …..


    Yeah I’ve had this phone for over a year. I was so excited when I got it but now I realize what a total piece of cap it is. I constantly have to yank the battery. When I use it for over thirty minutes it becomes hotter than a toaster oven. The web browsing is slower than an ardvark. And watching youtube videos is impossible. It cuts out like every five seconds for five seconds. Why even give the phone internet capabilities? Can’t wait til Oct. when I can upgrade to the droid x. I’m making no attempt to sell this. I’m taking a sledge hammer to this POS.


    Believe it or not, I’m writing this on a storm1. My only complaint on this phone is the crappy suretouch screen rim decided to slap on this piece of shit. Almost 99% of the time I pull it out of my pocket to call someone, I have to wait patiently for ~10min for it to calibrate and decide to work.
    If rim had placed an actual touchscreen on the first release, a whole lot of people would have had no complaints.
    Comparing it to an iphone? that’s a bit harsh on blackberry’s first touchscreen devce.


    Storm is a piece of shit the music station stops partially through a song. Touch(Click really) screen unresponsive at times. Either blootooth or USB connection repeatedly fails. The voice dialling interupts music constantly. The voice dialling doesn’t recognise any thing I say even after several training attempts. Any help available is bloody hopeless. This was a complete waste of money..I will not purchase any Blackberry product again.


    This is the worst phone i have ever owned. I agree with all the comments above, especially the lock ups and constant battery pulls. I loved my first blackberry curve and when my contract is up will go to Droid or Iphone. Blackberry should be held accountable for selling such crap. They have lost me as a consumer and I will tell everyone what I think of their crap product


    Had a Blackberry Storm for one weekend. It was the slowest piece of crap I have ever seen. The touchscreen would not work properly at all. I was essentially without a phone for two days. I then traded it for a Curve. Have had no trouble with the click keys. They work great. But, the Curve is as slow as the Storm when texting or using internet. The ball keeps getting full of lint and dirt, and must be taken in for service every few weeks. Sometimes the battery is dead, even after charging all night. Blackberry is the worst. My friends with Droids and iphones never have problems at all. My contract will be over soon! Yay!!!!


    Blackberry is a piece of shit. Ditch the shitty berry and get an iphone, won’t regret


    Since the last Blackberry Update to 6.0 my Blackberry Bold can mostly be used for calling people. “Contact” organization sucks, the Internet is now unreadable, I recive missed phone call messages when I have 5 bars on the phone, it drops calls(at least 2 a day, it locks up and I need to pull the battery, screen fonts are way to small on some apps and cannot raise without scrolling from left to right just to read it, the camera function sucks because now I have to find what folder it put the pictures in, when looking at contacts say a mobil number it decides it needs to make it even bigger making the other numbers like home and work not visable, the wi-fi portion is cumberson in trying to locate an open or encrypted signal,will not download certain JPEGs from emails, etc……. Heres a clue…….test the update BEFORE SENDING IT OUT !!!

    Stuck with Blackberry that I can really only use for a phone and some email, the rest of it sucks.

    Here is hopeing you go out of business soon,
    Looks like your stock is starting to tank, (6/17/11)wonder why this train will not stop geniuses?



    I got this “thing” because I thought it would be somewhat like an IPHONE-is is not. It is more like a MIGRANE HEADACHE-and when they discountinue do you think they will offer an upgrade to help the idiots like me who had faith in them??? NO…they probably won’t even give us ASPERIN for the headaches it caused.
    The touch screen is poor (although you can make it better by cutting a slice of a playing card and putting it under the battery), the WEB browser sucks, it has not WIFI, it constantly locks up requiring the remove battery reboot, it locks the radio in the OFF status and will not turn it on unless you reboot, and on and on….this is without a doubt the worst phone I have ever seen, in fact the worst device I am aware of.
    As soon as my company offers IPHONE support instead of Blackberry with the Enterprise Server only, I am going to throw my STORM out my car window when going 80MPH and watch in the rear view mirror!!!! RIM-fire the idiots who talked you into this and then go away………….


    Never have something as bad as this “phone”. It is never should be on the market. What a shame for the company!


    My Blackberry Storm sucks cause the screen won’t work, the battery heats up everytime I use it and its dam slow….


    Oh damn it couldn’t agree more that phone is a toy for babies what’s so special about it that it had to change research in motions focus its pure shit no wifi battery life to low app memory too low RIM needs to wake up its like it exist in the past without any other competitor


    Blackberry storm1 sucks research in motion is not even worthy to be making phones that phone is a donkey Dick worthless in every way the qwerty too slow, the browser is lame, application memory too low poor battery life a lot of errors after every two days I have to do a strong battery pull there isn’t even a difference in buying the first nokia phone with this now I would RIM is for losers but even losers deserve better


    please why does my browser not function even when i have network coverage(3G)and enough airtime

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