4 Reasons Why Google Chrome Sucks

As many anticipated, Google finally created its own browser, which focuses on stuffs like simplicity, speed, security, and web applications. It includes several innovative features such as crash protection and web app shortcuts. But, neither is it the browser that is going to change the world like Firefox did, here’s why.


Why the Need for Java Plugin?

The first thing I did was hit up my bank's website. Lo and behold, Chrome asked me to install the Java Platform SE6 U10 (Beta) plugin, when Firefox and IE has no problem with Java on the same system. I don't want more crap to install on my system, let alone beta crap. The installation is also another chance for Sun to try to install OpenOffice on our systems.

No Dropdown History

The dropdown list of history that we are so familiar with, usually located beside the address bar, is absent in Chrome. They make us click on the wrench icon and click History.

Mac and Linux Users, Look Elsewhere

For software like browsers, it is common for them to work for various platforms. Even Apple has embraced this norm by offering Safari for Windows. But not for Chrome, which is only available for Windows.


Well, Chrome may have crash protection that protects other tabs from crashing along with one misbehaving tab. But, I would rather have no crashes with Firefox than have a crash within 30 minutes of use.

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    I am quite certain that Chrome will eventually be out for testing on Mac and Linux. Remember, it is only in a beta stage and naturally they cater to the most popular OSes at the moment, Windows. With that being said, I love my Safari on a Mac, not Windows.


    Although I’m a mac user at home, I think Google Chrome is pretty good and I’m sure the Chrome will eventually be on a mac. There are still a lot to be fixed – like the more advanced settings for example – it loads sites like Facebook very efficiently.

    So I don’t think it’s all that bad. :)


    Thanks man for highlighting the first point. I was visiting Sun Learning Connection so that i can learn some for Java stuff, but i was surprise find see that Chrome cannot display the website and prompting me to install Java Beta ….

    I am a bit disappointed on this thing of having to download java.

    Please!! Google improve Chrome. However, i enjoy using it so far.

    Says Chrispin Kabuya on

    Didn’t you have to install Java virtual machines for Firefox and IE too?

    I like Chrome’s process management system. I can just disable the Flash plugin when it crashes, whereas for Firefox I would have to kill the whole Firefox process.


    Dude! Google History thing is for added security and having the favorites on home page is so convenient. And firefox nowadays keep crashing with a crash report. The simplicity is so awesome :)


    For history (point 2) just hold your mouse clicked for one second.


    Since I installed Google chrome on the day of its release it has not crashed once, so I have no idea where your coming from there.
    I Run anywhere from 5 to 20 browser tabs at once and have never had a problem.
    Drop down history is a security thing as stated. And how hard is it to press ctrl+h? clearly not a design flaw.
    Unlucky if you use mac or Linux, this is beta phase, besides most people (maybe not you) who have a mac or Linux system also have a windows system.


    I strongly agree that Chrome Sucks. Every time I open any pdf document, it gives an error and maybe close without notification…


    Need for fastness…

    I have most browsers installed for
    testing websites that I tinker with.
    Chrome is by far the fastest to render pages.
    I used to like Firefox then it got really slow
    at almost everything including the start up.
    I went to opera (which I still like).
    For banking type sites,
    probably stick with firefox,
    Internet Exploder until Chrome gets
    through it’s teething problems.
    There is a lot of features in Chrome
    that is at 1st glance not obvious,
    I’m discovering new tricks everyday
    As long as google keeps its rendering speedy,
    chrome will remain my 1st browser.


    I hesitate to use even upgraded versions of Chrome, since my last experience using it (first version) left my computer compromised; have they fixed the security issues beyond all doubt?


    Wow, you’re so stupid, whoever wrote this.

    “Mac and Linux users, look elsewhere.”

    Chrome is releasing Mac and Linux version in the first quarter of 2009, and it is coming out of Windows beta in January 2009.

    You say “Even Apple has embraced this norm by offering Safari for Windows. But not for Chrome, which is only available for Windows.”

    It took six years for Apple to even release a beta of Safari for Windows. It will have only taken about 4-6 months for Chrome to be on all three major platforms. (Another idiot point for you.)

    JavaScript: you start right off as an ignorant fool with this one. Chrome comes with Java preinstalled, because its biggest speed feature is the ability to run Java incredibly fast with its V8 engine.

    About the tabs crashing? Those are called early beta bugs, retard. It happens to every program that is in beta before its 1.0 release. You know why it doesn’t happen to Firefox 3 beta? BECAUSE IT’S FIREFOX 3. IT’S BEEN AROUND LONG ENOUGH TO IRON OUT THOSE ISSUES. The beta version that I’m using right now hasn’t crashed once yet.

    Basically, you are an ignorant, stupid loser who should never post anything about Google Chrome again.



    Says Jake Jackson on

    Chrome does suck, but it’s still pretty new. Either way, I’m sticking with Firefox. Chrome just isn’t nearly as useful yet.


    chrome is awesome!


    Chrome sucks — I was a huge Google fan — It was fun to say — Google this/Google that. I wanted anything other than Microsoft — they totally pissed me off with Suck Ass Vista. So I download Chrome with the intent to get rid of IE forever. I quickly find out G-Chrome is missing many of the feautres that I’ve become so used to over the last 8 to 10 years… So back to Internet Explorer I went, head between my legs. I uninstalled Google Chrome — in vista –> “Computer” –> “Add/Remove” –> Select “Google Chrome” icon and click Uninstall.

    Program uninstalls, but when i click on the “envelope” icon on my Yahoo Messenger, the icon is not executable. I get an error message: http://login.yahoo.com/config/reset_cookies_token?.token=Q40YRL7rwq8taRj19fBIUOG8NkFI... blah blah blah… the message is so long it can’t be copied. The error box ends saying:

    “Application not found”

    The only option is to close out the error box.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Or how to uninstall Google Chrome w/o it affecting other things? G-Chrome was too aggressive and made itself the default window/browser for icons such as the “mail” envelope in the yahoo messenger menu. Chrome wont allow me to access https: websites, I can’t open PDF files and it prevents me from executing links in message windows — i have to copy past into Internet Explorer.

    Someone please tell me What was Google thinking??? February 1, 2009 — The Beta days are supposed to be over and Google is non responsive to these issues.


    I found this post randomly Googling and I think it’s a load a crap. I’m a web developer and programmer and I’ve supported Firefox for years up until the death of the “good” Firefox when 3.0 was released.
    I’ve been using Chrome since then and I couldn’t be happier! Sure, the stupid history drop bar is gone but it’s been replaced by something better with built in searches for websites right in your URL bar. The address bar is very unique and awesome with alot of built in features.

    Another argument is crashes. Firefox 3 crashes a hell of alot more Chrome does on Vista, and Chrome has a much cleaner, simplistic interface.
    Something you forgot on the web developer side is the inspect element and the view source console. Stupid space consuming addons have to be installed to use such a feature on Firefox when it’s built right in to Google. And going on to the “View Source” screen, all links to external elements including images, stylesheets, and even javascript files are automatically hyper linked so you can view the file or image without having to copy and paste it saving time. This is especially good for those who code in Javascript and Ajax and need to frequently check files to make sure they update.

    Bottom line, whoever wrote this blog post obviously did not test Chrome out to any extent to defend their argument on why it sucks. It does have it’s downsides but none of the major one’s are listed on this page.


    There are people who use the history dropdown list? Are you backwards?


    Google chrome is a pretty good app, but that it installs googleupdater which then adds itself to startup programs sucks

    Says lolkito on

    google itself is a decent search engine BUT when i updated to chrome I too was pretty peeved whith what i got. I hat the popup that says “woah! Google has crashed restart now?” it happens every 20mins or so.

    Also, i have shockwave and it works just fine, but every now and then i get a message saying that shockwave has crashed, and that i cannot watch videos from youtube or any anime sites.

    in all i regret updating, but the worst thing about chrome is its layout, and the lack of tools that were around in the older google.

    Bring back translate page icon!

    Says Eleanor on

    I like the streamlined nature of chrome. Don’t find it very user friendly however. The favorites/homepage thing is unusable. Cannot set it to clear history/cookies when the browser closes. No plugins. Problems with password storage. Seems as tho Google wants to restrict user’s control in general. Compared to the many other Google products I use, this has been poorly done.


    Chrome sucks, it has nothing to offer other than claiming to be the fastest browser..FFS who cares about speed.. we all have fast internet connection nowadays so loading a page in FF, IE or chrome is almost the same, and we’re talking about miliseconds here, not a big deal, huh ?
    i want options..i want plugins, i love themes..i’ll always be a loyal Firefox fan .

    Says Alaa Nayfeh on

    Talk about slow..my whole system came to a stand still or when it did move it just crawed..Chrome is very disappointing Google engineers didnt put any thought in designing this so called browser. Dosent support any gaming sites like POGO without installing JAVA. I got rid of it as quickly as I could before it destroyed my whole system.You night wanna follow Microsoft’s idea on how a decent web browser is supposed to be.


    I think Chrome is an excellent browser. I’ve been using it in Windows and it has no competitor. I downloaded the unstable version for linux and it has done the job so far. I really like it! I have issues opening pdf files, but that’s about it. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon and release the stable version. I don’t find this entry “why chrome sucks” valuable… Chrome is pretty good! try it out.


    1: I sympathize, but i haven’t ran into that problem.
    2: just press ctrl-h for crying out load, plus you dont have to make a tab first so you dont leave the site your on, and chromes history shows the title of each site you went to instead of the url which can be huge sometimes and not clear on what its about.
    3: is null, there is now a release for linux and mac, from the date that this was posted it was still in beta. i guess you dont know what that means.
    4: I agree with you 100%, it crashes still like no other. but i havent lost anything important yet. and sometimes flash plugins crash when im trying to watch a video. its really inconvenient.


    Nothing seriously wrong with Chrome so far running on vista, nice and clean, definately does not “suck” in my opinion. Only downside i experience is when you have multiple tabs open and you go to close the browser window, it will close all tabs without confirmation.


    Oops! This link appears to be broken!

    I see this message pop up constantly even for popular sites. Google Chrome, thanks for wasting my time.



    I only agree with you on number 3. The rest make no sense. Those aren’t big deals to make about. Google made the browser the way they wanted to, so let them do so. But the should release a version for Linux. Perhaps it will run under Wine.


    i didn’t normally use google chrome all of the time, i usually use internet explorer 8, but one day, for some reason IE8 (internet explorer 8) was unable to play any videos of any kind, it was always displaying a message that said something like “Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe’s Flash Player”

    i tried the download link to get the supposedly needed newer version,
    but everytime i attempted to download it, a message saying
    “failed to register” would come up, WTF!?
    so….. I can’t fix my problem if i can’t download the fix! I even used all of their trouble shooting suggestions.
    i got rid of the older version, and tried to download the new one.
    but much to my EFFing surprise, “FAILED TO REGISTER” so now IE 8 didn’t have the adobe flash player anymore, AND i couldn’t replace it with the new one, so my only choice i had was GOOGLE CHROME…

    (well it wasn’t REALLY my only choice, i just don’t like firefox3) Chrome is WAY faster than IE 8, but it crashes more often.

    and it doesn’t have some of the things IE 8 did that i used Frequently.


    y r v even discussing this? google products suck big time… they lack professional touch.. are no comparision coz thy r horribly bad! :P


    Chrome is all but a tactical move by google. It goes in line with their strategy to base certain softwares like wordprocessing,etc in their google accounts. The whole idea of producing such a strong java engine is so that in the future they can continue to produce web applications to challege microsoft,etc. without being bogged down by any lack of processing capabilities on the browser end.
    Also a hostile internet explorer and an open-source (hence non-manipulable) firefox leaves them with no otion but to release chrome equipped with java on steroids.

    Says Gautam Prasad on

    Has anyone else had problems with Google Chrome when using Yahoo? Each time I try to navigate through the yahoo photo section in the news catagory, chrome keeps reverting to the first picture and will not let me continue to the 2nd 3rd 4th picture and so on. Also, the cursor does not autohide when watching full screen HULU or Netflix. It went too simple and does not offer enough options under the Options tab. AND YES there are LOTS of people who use the drop down history list! For instance I have a tower hooked up to my flat screen instead of having Cable tv. we use the internet as our TV interface and therefore have a wireless mouse and keyboard to navigate from our Coffee table. Each time I want to go to a new page on Chrome I have to drag out the keyboard instead of just using the dropdown common on Firefox and IE. Google Chrome is faster though so I am torn.. I hope they fix these problems soon and it will be unstoppable.

    Says Zach Martin on

    google chrome is out for mac now but one time it crashed and made my whole comp shutdown
    and it never loads hulu vid correctly


    And Chrome is slower than IE !

    I’m testing it: bullshit

    see ya


    LOL IE is fasther than Chrome ? :D NO WAY JOSE.
    Chrome is the best., death to all other broswers


    im using chrome right now and my fav thing is that the toolbar doesnt take up like 1/5 of the screen (small laptop screen) and the ability to add and remove tabs into and from other windows


    google chrome is great actually. When firefox or internet explorer’s one tab freezes the whole browser freezes but in chrome one tab doesn’t effect the other one. but right now i kinda hate chromw right now because it doesn’t let me search directly from the browser. I have to go to google’s website.


    Well – one of the most amazing things about Chrome is its inability to allow ME the freedom to punch two buttons on a web page. Nice feature – have to RELOAD the freaking page to be able to go to the next step in a purchase. shit code. like all the rest. Call Akchmed in Kandahar and let’s get a fix.


    I havent seen a browser as bad as this! it is most annoying……people in google are a bunch of idiots!

    Says anonymous on

    google chrome sucks cuz it freezes alot damn


    I’m here to say..

    Chrome sucks donkeys balls x(

    Everytime..a flash file opens..its crashes and I have to reboot my system.

    Duh! My love for google is becoming a question mark now.


    It was cool at first but lacks the functionality of FF and it keeps locking up. It didn’t at first but then it wouldn’t play the sound from youtube. I reinstalled as that seemed to be the consensus. It was OK for a bit now it keeps locking up. FF may be a bit ugly but it works a lot better.


    I have had it with Chrome. I am also constantly getting the “Whoops! We can’t write a browser that knows how to query dns” error. I surf with Firefox, IE (when I have to) and Chrome and Opera. NONE of my browsers have the continuous, never-ending issues with DNS timeouts that Chrome does. Google has never shown any interest in fixing it as far as I can tell.

    I was getting this error from home a lot, but now I get Chrome taking FOREVER to load any page at work too, where I have gigabit connections (streaming sites are blocked so it’s not that our uplink is being clogged with youtube videos).

    I am not entirely fond of the Firefox interface vs. the Chrome one, but something that Firefox developers know how to do that Chrome developers have yet to learn is focus on the BROWSING experience. I don’t know what the hell else they do but it sure isn’t making sure pages load quickly. Chrome being the “fastest” browser is the most laughable nonsense I’ve heard. It’s always miles and miles behind even IE. Yes. Even IE is easier to use as a browser than Chrome.

    Google is competing against free, so they have to be the best if they want the market share. Currently I’m waiting on Firefox 4.

    Says Max Grant on

    you cant forget the one i always get “Oops, this link appears to be broken”


    Google Chrome Sucks a lot!
    Google Chrome Sucks a lot!
    Google Chrome Sucks a lot!
    Google Chrome Sucks a lot!
    Google Chrome Sucks a lot!

    chrome always wasting my time when i try to open MySpace. It displays nothing and sometimes it display the f**king bullshit letter or code or whatever. If i use IE or firefox, i think chrome is faster. chrome only work properly about 15 days after first installation then crashed.

    Says chrome sux on

    Chrome is slower then ie. does not have a convient folder system for favorites, cannott easiely be configured to exclude anything, causes my multi core computer to lock up, stored pages and local pages stored caused a huge load on my drives instead of looking on the web immediately and it also had a glitch that caused pages like msnews to not update had to find the cookie folders and manually cleal everything out… pain in the ass…


    Google chrome always crash!!!!!!!!!!! useless web browser! the most crashed web-browser!


    Yeah chrome sucks. It hangs on so many pages that firefox can handle.


    you do know that when you install Firefox and IE, they automatically instal the Jave Plug-in. Google gives you the option.


    it sux!
    better than firefox
    compare 2 firfox……………..
    it rox! nfirefox sux!

    Says sweetlime on

    Agreed, with pages of searchers who all type in the same thing. Wake up google the house is on fire!


    My google chrome sucks! On my laptop, google chrome says i don’t have internet even though I do. On my computer upstairs, google chrome works perfectly fine. WTF IS WRONG WITH GOOGLE CHROME?! IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!


    For me, I don’t use Firefox because it annoys me. I have to use Internet Explorer 9.


    More than two years after its release, Chrome still sucks big-time. However, it has improved a lot. It still doesn’t fully support quite a few web standards, and has some quite funny bugs. But the champ of unsupported web standards is still IE.

    As for speed, on a decent system Opera still beats the hell out of any other browser. Curiously, even if not using separate processes for each tab, and thus being significantly less resource consuming, Opera is also rock solid and stable. On top of that, it has the most convenient and rich feature set among all major desktop browsers. OTOH, it may be that precisely the nice feature set makes it a bit scary for novice users. This may explain why it’s so much less popular than FF or IE (other than Opera not having the money Google and MS have for marketing).

    Does it show that I’m an Opera fan? :D

    Says me, myself and I on

    You know, most of the things listed are fixed


    I totally agree. I went back to using Mozilla Firefox after google chrome crashed for the millionth time while I was taking an online final exam! It may look all nice and fancy with all the themes you can apply, but chrome SUCKS!!!


    I use Opera and it is more stable and more secure than Chrome. Opera also supports various operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows 7… Opera is the best!

    Says James Doyle on

    I began using Chrome after Firefox got to 3.5 and began crashing once, twice, thrice and then four times a day with each successive version. It even got up to 11 times.

    You know what? I now put up with the daily crashes, because that’s better than Chrome.

    Sure it’s fast, but … (1) it can’t do bolds. You know, those and codes that have been around since HTML mark-up was invented? Unless your stylesheet tells Chrome to do it, it won’t—while every other browser ever invented up to this point will. (See my Tumblr at jackyan.tumblr.com for an example.)

    (2) Opera, Firefox and, heck, even Internet Explorer 8 will handle embedded fonts done on Fontsquirrel. Chrome can’t, despite claims to the contrary.

    (3) I read websites that sometimes have different languages on them. Chrome can’t change character sets mid-page. Doing a multilingual page for a client? Make sure they don’t use Chrome.

    (4) And even the simplest little thing—the discretionary hyphen (­)—doesn’t work on Chrome. It comes out as an actual hyphen. What the heck?


    So I’m not the only one with crashing problems. First time I used Chrome when it came out, it crashed every 30 minutes. I thought it had a problem with other programs, so I ran Chrome alone and it still crashed every 30 min.

    I thought maybe it got improved, so I gave another shot about a month ago and guess what? It crashed every time I tried to download anything. Pictures, PDFs, music, you name it, Chrome crashed.
    I don’t think I’ll ever use Chrome again…


    Google suck !

    Says Blablaland on

    Back when google chrome started out, it kinda sucked. But it’s fast, sheeled down, opens instantly. It doesn’t crash anymore, so far it’s the best out of all browsers I’ve used.

    Ranks of internet browsers:
    1. Google Chrome
    2. Safari
    3. Firefox
    5. Lunascape
    6. Opera
    8. Internet Explorer, the worst, most glitchy internet browser in the world.


    Google chrome though very fast ,is not compatible with videos.
    I have encountered 15 or 16 adobe flash player crashes with in 20 minutes.The common problem in chrome is if a thing once crashed then it will be keep on going crashing and will not recover.Firefox and IE and even opera didn’t suffer from these crashes when running these add ons.And more probably e payments are not advised in chrome.Better throw away chrome and continue using firefox or your old browser.


    Weird. I have been using it for ages, and it’s never crashed. I develope apps using flash and java… never crashed on chrome. I wonder what the differences in our set ups are?


    Chrome works like a charm…

    But I hate most apps for Chrome.
    Most apps are just like links to websites !

    Why are they called apps ???


    Chrome was working fine until about an hour ago.. It crashed, and I restarted it and it won’t access ANY pages at all.. Tried the usual things to get it to work even reinstall but alas the poor thing was laid to rest in my recycle bin.. Goodbye Chrome, you were a nice browser for a while.. Now yer dead..


    I have been running Chrome since December 2009, and I have not experienced any of the issues whined about here for the most part. Chrome crashes? Occasionally. All browsers do, but IE does it daily. I have had Chrome running 30 days without a crash on many occasions. The Linux version seems especially stable. The DNS prefetch option, which was set by default, was definitely a mistake on Google’s part. Unsetting that option resolved Chrome’s sluggishness. Anyone who cared could discover that secret by using Google’s engine. On WinChrome, that bug is now gone.


    And in 2011 compare all that crap the tards said about chrome to how it stands now as the top browser and search engine.

    Google Chrome
    Google’s streamlined and speedy browser offers strong integrated search and an intriguing alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    1993 users want this

    Apple Safari 5.1
    2 users want this

    Mozilla Firefox
    128 users want this


    OMG. r u joking????? Want to do a bad review on something, do it on INTERNET EXPLORER!!! IT’S THE WORST!!! I HATEEE ITTTTTTTTT!!

    google chrome i like..:)


    Ie fans sucks
    Firefox fans sucks
    Safari rocks too but no match to CHROME

    Says Skgoogle rocks on

    Google Chrome sucks big time no only chrome but gamil too why?
    Privacy Privacy and Privacy they want to know everything about your life is in google hands beware beware and beware.

    Do yourself a favor a delete anything related to google your computer is infected and you dont even know.


    Google is a useless copy of Bing, and Chrome is a copy of IE and Firefox.

    GOOGLE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Says Cheesehead123 on

    I’ve noticed that everytime I publish or do editing or uploading on my website, it doesn’t always come out right when using google chrome, but always comes out fine with internet explorer 8. However, I like google chrome for speed browsing and only that, but when it comes to publishing, editing, and uploading on my website, I like internet explorer 8 much better.


    Why would you not want openoffice? Chromes “crash protection” appears to me to come from it running multiple instances of itself. While generally one crashing instance of a program may crash another instance I think that’s the “protection”.

    So in that regard it’s simply more of a resource hog. We really have to ask ourselves what could be in a website (other than a malicious one) that could crash a web browser unless the web browser is simply a piece of crap.

    But I guess that’s what we end up with when standards on the internet aren’t followed and hell google wants it’s own set of standards anyhow.


    Google Chrome worked great on my Mac for a few weeks. However, it spontaneously lost the ability to close correctly one day- I have to force quit every time. Next to a competent browser like FireFox or Safari, Chrome is a waste of space. If only it could do what it was supposed to do, this might be a decent browser.


    you forgot fifth reason if you open up task manager while running one tab of google chrome Task Manager>processors it F***s by showing it 5 to 30 times at 30000. Now that is Trolling.

    Says NickLeDick on

    Most browsers, these days, support file download resume even after browser has been closed. But not google chrome! Go with firefox or safari for better browser


    And lets not forget, the endless sea of problems with Flash.


    I’m a professional web developer. Chrome is by far the best popular browser. You can defend Firefox all you want, but at the end of the day it is a FACT that FireFox is much, MUCH slower, and has VERY POOR SUPPORT for modern day browser standards. FireFox is now becoming almost as bad as IE in this regard.

    I have no idea why you would harbor this much hatred for a computer application. It does what it is supposed to do and it does it well; the people who use it love it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. But it’s intellectually dishonest to claim that it is a poor browser. Every issue you highlighted is extremely obscure and I could come up with 10 worse FireFox problems for each of them.

    Firefox does not render web pages correctly. It is buggy, and both it and Internet Explorer cannot truly be classified as “web browsers” as they are simply not compliant with the W3C web standards.


    Also, I know this article was old, but even at the very beginning Google made it clear that the browser would work on all platforms. It’s just another example of intellectual dishonesty that you were trying to claim that it was exclusively for windows. It never was.

    Given that almost 50% of people now use Chrome to browse the web, I’m pretty sure your statement that it was not going to change things has been pretty well and thoroughly debunked!


    To JT above,

    50% of the browser market share is owned by Internet Explorer, not Chrome, and as recently as November, 2012, Chrome’s share of the market was declining.

    If you’re going to attempt to debunk wild and ridiculous claims, you may want to become acquainted with a new concept called ‘facts’ instead of the worthless ‘opinions’ you used in your last comment.


    All of you, stop knocking the system. Do you know how hard it is to make a website? Some people always hate browsers. Here are some stats


    Google Chroome
    193, 294, 274 users
    485, 364 users
    194 users


    Google Chrome


    google chrome – it works pretty good and fast in windows, but it is inconsistent across platforms. I’ve only heard mixed things about MAC since I dont use mac, but I do use linux as my main OS, and chrome is terrible on it… it crashes constantly… this is on 4 different machines with completely different configurations, so im pretty sure it’s not isolated.. and this is tested also in amd64 AND i386 cases, they both are just as unreliable, i’ve even gone so far to start the X window system with a single xterm running w/o window manager just to see if that might be affecting it…nope…it still has seemingly ‘random’ crashes… plus canonical i see has taken it out of the supported free software, they even say its not reliable enough to have their support, ubuntu desktop comes pre-loaded with firefox in most cases, which Iam using now, never have problems –in fact the only thing about firefox that has ever been an issue is start-up times… thats the one thing. But since it DOES start up.. and it DOES NOT crash.. its still me browser of choice cross-platform..


    To whoever posted under “Google Staff” with those fake stats. Do you really have nothing better to do than troll around the Internet posting fake information under false pretenses? Get a life…. (My guess is those stats would be numbers of each group SWITCHING to chrome visiting the download page, notice Firefox is at a low BECAUSE THEY ARE HAPPY WITH FIREFOX!)


    I’ve tried Google Chrome once and yes, it crashed. I’m not happy with it and my preferred browser is Safari, even though it’s not perfect.
    I’m irritated by Chrome mainly because on nearly every ruddy website I visit, there’s a link begging me to install it.

    Says Mentlegen Pie on

    Google Chrome is… crash, freeze, and you cannot fill in the adresbar, without having to wait…


    To osirisgothra, you are clearly an inexperienced batch of hobo brains.

    “posting fake information under false pretenses”

    My information is accurate and from this source:

    “Get a life…”


    “My guess is those stats would be numbers of each group SWITCHING to chrome visiting the download page”

    Nope, the stats are from people who are using the services. Clearly, you have only the lightest grasp on proper English.

    “notice Firefox is at a low BECAUSE THEY ARE HAPPY WITH FIREFOX!”

    Silly child, nobody is happy with Firefox. The number is low solely because the browser is a steaming pile of rotten butt cargo


    Guys, it’s different for EVERYBODY! Some people have MAJOr problems with chrome that I have never had. I must say that Google and Safari for windows are tied as my favorites. Google Chrome is AMAZING on my computer (An old vista with like ten viruses on it!) I even downloaded to my Grandma’s laptop since IE wasnt working. ONLY problem I have with it is that the MyLife search bar will reattach itself every month! It is annoying! Other than that, it’s GREAT!

    Says Different... on

    Have given up on google chrome and removed it. It caused me so much trouble. To complex to go into on this post. Briefly pop ups, adverts and advise that my computer needs tools downloaded to get it sorted and I think a virus. All I need is a straight forward basic web browser without hazzle and my experience is that google chrome sucks as one person has put it.


    What pisses me off the most about Google Chrome is the HD videos I’ve uploaded from my own 18 megapixel camera look great on YouTube when using Internet Explorer but look grainy and low quality in Google Chrome, as if Chrome compresses the quality in order to operate more efficiently. And the means of saving any old picture off a website to your computer with Chrome is a total joke. It saves mine to Paint, so that I can’t open them normally in My Pictures, and then tells me I can’t open Paint because my version of Paint is illegal or corrupted (WTF?)

    Says Bowowow on

    they close the service “questions and answers” because there are a lot of bad reviews about chrome. it’s a piece of shit.

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